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Starting with SerotoninThe Table of Contents for “Starting with Serotonin:
How a High-Rolling Father of Drug Discovery
Repeatedly Beat the Odds”
Hardcover, 617 pp. with 16 pp. of photos, $27.50

Prologue: The Probability of the Improbable
Chapter one: A Maverick in the Making
Chapter two: Backdrop to the Learning Curve
Chapter three: A Wide Range: Hypertension, Serotonin, and Udenfriend
Chapter four: The Carcinoid Breakthrough and Big-Time Stuff
Chapter five: Going Bananas
Chapter six: The Wild Bunch “Tools Up”
Chapter seven: The Journey to Aldomet®
Chapter eight: Fishing in the Collagen Pool
Chapter nine: Tryptophan Intoxication and the Cheese Reaction
Chapter ten: Eureka! The Carcinoid Syndrome Expands
Chapter eleven: The Thalidomide Shakeup
Chapter twelve: Gangbusters and Beating the Odds
Chapter thirteen: The Father and Sons of Clinical Pharmacology
Chapter fourteen: The Demser® Fix and Penicillamine
Chapter fifteen: Of Patents and Parkinson’s Disease
Chapter sixteen: More Exploration: SH Rats, REM, and Histaminase
Chapter seventeen: Goodbye, NIH . . . Bonjour, Industry
Chapter eighteen: Zinc Think and Enzyme Suicides
Chapter nineteen: The DFMO Slam Dunk
Chapter twenty:  Cincinnati Defense and Overhaul
Chapter twenty-one: European Clinical Trials
Chapter twenty-two: Cross-Pollinating to Tryps and Other Parasites
Chapter twenty-three: Hip, Hip, Hurray! The Seldane® Breakthrough
Chapter twenty-four: Troubleshooting Vigabatrin and Bendectin
Chapter twenty-five: The Resurrection Drug
Chapter twenty-six: A Good Time in the ’80s
Chapter twenty-seven: The Price of a Two-Bit Merger
Chapter twenty-eight: Losing a Blockbuster, Saving a Cure
Passages [in memoriam]
Shooting to Win [how to win at craps]
   Biochemistry Tracking Sheet
   A Drug By All Names

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