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Johanna HammelWe are pleased to announce publication in September 2017 of our first title under our new imprint, Improbable Memoirs. The book is JOHANNA HAMMEL: The Journey of a Jewish Woman from Konstanz via Gurs to Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1898-1942. (112 pp., paperback, $15.95). It is the English translation of a memoir-biography originally written in German by Hans-Hermann Seiffert, who, since 2005, has devoted himself to the study, research, and publication of the story of National Socialism and the Holocaust.

Johanna Hammel and her family lived in Konstanz, a small town in southwestern Germany near the Swiss border, when Hitler started “cleansing” Germany of all Jews. In his book, Seiffert movingly writes about Johanna’s deportation, imprisonment, and eventual transport to Auschwitz, documenting her passage through her own postcards and letters, which her American family preserved, and other contemporary writings. This young woman’s tragedy is both personal and vast in scope, a painful reminder of the great harm that humans can cause each other in the absence of tolerance and compassion. Please click on www.improbablememoirs.com to learn more.

Our second improbable book by award-winning author Ann G. Sjoerdsma debuted in December 2015. Titled “Our Parents in Crisis: Confronting Medical Errors, Ageist Doctors, and Other Healthcare Failings,” Sjoerdsma’s new narrative deals up-close and personally with many of the pitfalls and hazards in the dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system and shows how one dedicated daughter-advocate learned to anticipate and overcome them.

Our Parents in Crisis"Our Parents in Crisis" was honored in 2016 as a Best Book, Health: Aging/50+ category, by USA Book News in its national contest, and as a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award winner, Best Book in health category, by the National Assn. of Book Entrepreneurs. The book was also a finalist in the medical category of the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards. We are proud of our book, our author, and this national recognition.

In June 2002, Ann Sjoerdsma’s beloved 78-year-old mother was seriously ill and fast losing a fight with what a succession of doctors believed was a bacterial meningitis. A journalist and lawyer trained in critical thinking, Sjoerdsma didn’t accept their diagnosis and challenged their medical reasoning. It turned out she was right. With the help of her family, especially her brilliant physician father (see below), Sjoerdsma intervened and saved her mother’s life. She has been a patient advocate ever since. (Read an excerpt of her exciting FIRST CHAPTER here.)

Sjoerdsma passionately believes that you can (and should) “talk the talk” with doctors and protect your parents from medical harm, by doing your homework and speaking up. She also believes that if you want to ensure your parents’ survival, as well as, eventually, your own, you must be involved in healthcare decisions. You cannot stand back and expect medical matters to go well. As she relates the health crises that she managed on behalf of her parents from 2002 until 2014, she imparts a wealth of how-to wisdom and medical knowledge, including the physiological facts about what constitutes “normal” aging. Sjoerdsma is always logical and focused in her advocacy, and her writing is compelling.

“Old age is not a diagnosis,” she writes in her preface. Don’t let doctors convince you otherwise, and don’t buy into ageism yourself.

“Our Parents in Crisis” sells for $27.95, plus shipping and handling costs, and is available through our Purchases page here.

We encourage you to follow Ann Sjoerdsma and her always provocative trains of thought on her website, http://www.annsjoerdsma.com, which debuted in September 2015, and to check her out on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/anngsjoerdsmaauthor.

Starting with SerotoninWe also invite you to explore Sjoerdsma’s first book, “Starting with Serotonin: How a High-Rolling Father of Drug Discovery Repeatedly Beat the Odds” (2008), a biography-history about the author’s trailblazing scientist-physician father, who died in 2014. (Washington Post Obituary) “Starting with Serotonin” preserves the voice, personality, intellect, and many accomplishments of this amazing, larger-than-life man.

Dr. Albert Sjoerdsma, M.D., Ph.D., launched his innovative 40-year medical career at the National Institutes of Health in the 1950s, when he set out to discover a drug that would control high blood pressure. At the time, the frontier for heart-disease research was vast and unexplored. Dr. Sjoerdsma not only succeeded: He created a new medical discipline called clinical pharmacology, which joined the patient’s bedside with the laboratory bench, in rationally designed research. No more throwing old plant-derived drugs at “the wall” and hoping something stuck!

“Starting with Serotonin” won many publishing awards, including the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards’ Gold Medal for biography and the 2009 Next Generation Indie Books Awards’ Gold Medal for Science. It also received critical raves from The New England Journal of Medicine and other prominent medical journals. You will find an overview of the book and links to chapter excerpts, reviews, and commentaries by clicking on the ABOUT “SEROTONIN” link above. You may access a news archive and special reports related to “Starting with Serotonin” and Dr. Sjoerdsma’s breakthroughs by clicking the NEWS link.

An author-autographed copy of “Starting with Serotonin” is now available at a discount price of $25.00. Just click on Purchases.

Dr. Sjoerdsma was guided in his pioneering work by a philosophy he called “The Probability of the Improbable.” As he explained:

The Probability of the Improbable has to do with being able to see Significance with a capital “S,” when something is important and when it’s not. It’s a matter of being able to perceive and then extrapolate from it, of recognizing the unexpected and knowing how to take advantage of it.

When we published “Starting with Serotonin,” we knew we were publishing an improbable and important book and preserving in print Significance that others may not have realized or known. We wanted to enhance knowledge and enrich lives. We plan and expect to do the same with “Our Parents in Crisis.”

Please bookmark us and stay tuned. Thank you for visiting.

—The Editors

“Man can believe the impossible, but can never believe the improbable.”
—OSCAR WILDE (1856-1900)

I never did anything in a straight line.”
—ALBERT SJOERDSMA, M.D., Ph.D. (1924-2014)

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